Olivier Awards 2014 part 2

As promised, here are a few photos of the red carpet event in Covent Garden.

The glamorous and talented Elaine Paige and I. This is my favourite photo of the day as she is a huge inspiration to me, and meeting her was a real honour.


Tom Hiddleston was very popular, so I couldn’t get a better photo than this with him, but I did get his autograph.


The fabulous Gok Wan who I adore and was lovely.


The red carpet was buzzing with activity!


The amazing Arlene Phillips.


The lovely Lesley Garrett, who was possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met.


Dame Judi Dench, what an honour it was to see her!


Bjorn from ABBA! We got his autograph which my Mum was thrilled with, as she is a huge ABBA fan.


One of the hilarious hosts of the evening, Stephen Mangan.


The wonderful Samantha Barks and I.


There were a number of legends at the event, and this is Brian May! He waved at us and seemed very nice, and it’s a shame is only got a picture of him from behind.


I also managed to get an autograph from Martin Freeman himself!


Alexandra Burke was also on the red carpet.


The current star of Once the musical, and former Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill.


And here we have another star, Bernadette Peters! I never thought I would meet her.


I somehow managed to get into an official Olivier Award Instagram photo! (I’m on the left).


And finally here is a picture of me and my Mum next to the red carpet. I am still amazed at how close we were to the event! I suppose as a Les Mis fan I could say we were at the barricade.

20140414-122351.jpg 20140414-122534.jpg

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