The Olivier Awards 2014

The 13th of April 2014 (yesterday) was the biggest night in British theatre. The Olivier awards ceremony.

I listen to the awards every year on the radio, but this year for the first time I was lucky enough to be theatre fan number 223, and stand beside the red carpet in Covent Garden leading up to The Royal Opera House! There were lots of stars there and fortunately I managed to get pictures with a few of them.

I cannot thank the Olivier Awards enough for the opportunity to meet some of my idols and actually have conversations with them, it was well worth the 5 hour wait.

I saw all of the theatre royalties walk down the red carpet in beautiful dresses and dashing suits, and being there and soaking up the atmosphere was indescribable.

I was there with my Mum Katie, who had actually surprised me by taking me to the event which I cannot thank her enough for! She is also a theatre lover and she had a great time asking for autographs. She even told Arlene Phillips that I was a dancer, to which Arlene smiled and said that she could tell. Also one of my idols Elaine Paige was of course walking down the red carpet, and my Mum proudly told her that we listen to her radio show on BBC Radio 2 every Sunday, and I possibly told her that I was a huge fan and I love her about 3 or 4 times…

It was a very difficult decision to stand by the red carpet, as there was also a stage in Covent Garden where extracts from current West End shows were being performed. But I’m glad we made the decision we made, even though the performances were incredible.

I took a lot of photographs of the event, so I would like to continue my experience by sharing them with you in part 2 of this tale. Of course I would go into more detail about how it felt to be at such an event, but as I mentioned earlier, it just cannot be put into words and done justice.


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