The winner takes it all

I’ve already been so thankful to the Olivier Awards this year, but a few days ago I was scrolling through Twitter and I realised I’d won a competition! I won an exclusive bottle of Nails Inc Olivier nail varnish, which may not seem that exciting to some people, but it really was the icing on the cake! I did not win the prize on my Justamusicalgal account, but on a different one, so the Olivier Awards do follow me, but on a different Twitter
account which is also great. Here is a picture of the product I won:


Also I noticed I forgot to mention something in my Olivier blog posts. While I was in Covent Garden I was greeted by a lovely MasterCard employee who persuaded my Mum to sign up for Priceless MasterCard, which I’m sure will really benefit us. She also gave us a box of gorgeous macaroons which thought was nice, so it’s been a successful month.


I understand this may possibly be the most pointless and boring blog post in the universe, but please stick with me as I just felt I needed to share my luck and the kindness of MasterCard.

I’ve got a little something coming up about Urinetown soon, so watch this space!


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