Urinetown: The Soundtrack

I recently made a list of musical soundtracks I want to listen to and number one on that list was, you guessed it, Urinetown.

Basically, Urinetown is a musical which is about pee. Winner of three Tony Awards, the musical is a tale of love, greed, sacrifice and revolution. The show is set in a town going through a drought which has lasted 20 years, where water has become so rare that private toilets no longer exist. One corporation owns and manages the public amenities, and they believe it is a “privilege to pee”. The citizens have to pay taxes just so they can use the lavatory. And if they haven’t got the cash, you are sent to Urinetown, a fate feared by everyone. But then, Bobby Strong decides to lead his fellow citizens in a revolution to change the town, and give everyone the chance to pee. Touching, funny and full of thought provoking twists in the tale, this musical really is quite something.

I would love to see this musical in the West End, but until then I can make do with the soundtrack.

Track list:
1. Urinetown
2. Too Much Exposition
3. It’s a Privilege to Pee
4. Mr Cladwell
5. Cop Song
6. Follow your Heart
7. Look at the Sky
8. Don’t be the Bunny
9. Act one Finale

10. What is Urinetown?
11. Snuff that Girl
12. Run, Freedom, Run!
13. Why did I Listen to that Man?
14. Tell Her I Love Her
15. We’re not Sorry
16. We’re not Sorry Reprise
17. I See a River

With music by Mark Hollmann, and lyrics by Hollmann and Greg Kotis, I have fallen in love with this soundtrack! From the more moving tracks to the uplifting ‘Run, Freedom, Run!’ I cannot stop listening to it. A lot of the story is cleverly explained in the songs, as in most musicals, so if you are seeing the show and don’t want any spoilers then perhaps purchase the soundtrack after you have seen the performance.

The cast in the recording are amazing, and even the harmonies in the chorus give me chills! I really hope this musical gets the success it deserves in the UK, so that it can have a longer run in the West End and I can get the opportunity to see it. Also I want it to succeed because it is a fantastic musical, and I feel that it is a great asset to London theatre.

My favourite songs that I highly recommend:
Follow your Heart
Look at the Sky
Run, Freedom, Run!
Tell her I Love her
I see a River.

So if you fancy seeing a new addition to the West End, it is on at the St James Theatre in London. I have read countless rave reviews about the show, and I look forward to reviewing it properly when I see it.

The next musical I am going to see is Thriller Live, the Michael Jackson musical which I am, excuse the pun, thrilled about! I will be reviewing the show and I cannot wait to see it, so watch this space.


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